We believe that god is pouring out His Spirit on Kids all around the world. He is moving in ways we have never seen before and is leading us into new, and unknown territory. There is a call for all of us to join the wave of His presence that is sweeping across the globe, and an invitation to discover the keys to unlock the next great move of God. As leaders in the Kingdom, we are putting our stake in the ground, and collectively saying “Yes” to this call. We will give our lives to see a generation ignited to change the world, through the love and power of Jesus. 

VIneyard Kids Usa

is the OFFICial kids movement

that is part of the vineyard Usa

association of churches.  

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national task force kids leader

Becky Olmstead and her husband, Rick, started Vineyard Church of the Rockies in 1982. She has been passionately involved in ministry to kids since the beginning of their church. Having come into relationship with Jesus as a child, Becky has been a voice for kids, not just in their local church, but in the Vineyard USA and internationally. God has given Becky a passion for equipping and encouraging kids’ ministry leaders. In 1998, she started networking Vineyard kids’ ministry leaders through Kid*Net conferences. This led to the development of the Vineyard Kids Task Force. Becky and Rick have twin boys who are each happily married. They have travelled to 6 out of 7 continents. She loves bicycling, roasting her own coffee beans, eating chocolate, and reading mystery novels. She is the National Kids Task Force Leader for Vineyard USA and leads the Kid’s Path on the Vineyard Pilgrimage Team.

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