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VIneyard Kids usa


Vineyard Kids USA dreams to see a generation of Vineyard kids changing the world through the love and power of God.

Vineyard Kids USA believes that all kids are…


Chosen by God to use their imagination, optimism, idealism, fun, and faith to bring His Kingdom to the world. They express God’s heart in ways that reveal His good nature and bring joy. Kids have a unique purpose in God’s redemption plan for all humanity that only they can fulfill.

Pursued By god

Connection is God’s biggest desire. He wants to be close to kids and to have a real, individual, intimate relationship with them. He wants them to experience His love, presence, power and friendship in their lives. As a result, they will know and recognize His voice like a best friend and choose to be close to Him. He wants to have a relationship that grows with them, that matures as they mature, and lasts a lifetime.

Empowered to give

Called by God to use the talents, spiritual gifts, and abilities that He gives them to show his love to the world. They were made to discover, cultivate, and activate these gifts, and then share them with others.



Allowing God to use us to express who He is to kids by the way we father/mother, teach, and disciple them. As we choose to pursue a fresh expression of Him and seek the new, fresh, and creative ways He wants to reveal himself now, it changes the way we see and think. He takes us deeper into unknown mysteries of the kingdom. The deeper our understanding of who God is in this season, the more we will be able to bring the “now” expression of Him to this generation.


Embracing, encouraging, and cultivating childlikeness in all its forms. Imagination is displayed through the love of fun, creative movement, natural inquisitiveness, dreams and supernatural miracles beyond our minds capacity. It is choosing to pause and dream beyond what our eyes have seen, our ears have heard, and our minds have known. We can partner with the greatest creative mind of all time to see more than we could ask or imagine.


Discovering new, current, and relevant ways to communicate who God is to kids. We do this by using fun, adventure, exploration, imagination, discovery, and play. By asking for a download from heaven of new strategies for every aspect of kids ministry we become free from being tied to the way we have always done things. By doing something that’s never been attempted, in a way that’s never been done before, we step outside the box of what we know and answer the questions a generation is asking.


Leaving a legacy so that every generation will tell the next, the great things that God has done. Our prayer is that God would give us eyes to see kids, a heart that will value them, and resources to invest in them. We sow seeds and believe in their ability to do more, go places we never could go, and work so that our ceiling becomes their floor. We want to see an entire generation say “yes” to Jesus no matter what the cost.